Medical examination information

[Korombo animal hospital in Funabashi city, Chiba prefecture, Japan. Animals that can be examined are dogs and cats]

Phone 047-467-0028


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   Please read @ to C below before coming to the hospital.

@No reservation required from 9:00 to 7:00(closed on Friday). You need resavation.

AThere are no veterinary nurses in my hospital. Please wear a mask.

 Since there is no veterinary nurse, the owner will be asked to retain your pet during the examination and treatment.

・・・The owner who is worried about retaining, please visit another veterinary clinic for the safety of you and your pet.

BI would like to ask the owner of the cat.

Be sure to bring your cat in the net when you come to the hospital.

Becouse nervous and excited cats are most dangerous when they are taken out of the carry bag.

 Precoution:If a cat that is not in the net runs around the hospital, get dirty, cluttered, or destroyed,

       Also, if the veterinarian is injured during capture, I will claim the guarantee according to the damage.

CThis hospital is not an emergency hospital. Therefore, I can only treat mildly ill patients.

 I am basically unable to accept hospitalization due to lack of manpower.

 If your pet is seriously ill, please visit another veterinary clinic equipped with facilities and manpower.

Reception Method

 I don't speak English well so please come directry (I use translater during the examination).

 As mentioned above, I can't treatment severe cases. If it is obviously severe, please go to another hospital well-epuipped and staffed.

 At night, please contact the following hospital.

"higashi-tokyo yakann kyuukyuu doubutu iryou center (Night emergency veterinary hospital)

adress:〒130-0021 Cityport kameido 1F,9-23-12kameido, Koto Ward, Tokyo

phone: 03-5858-9969(Start accepting phone calls 19:30〜)

examination time:20:00〜27:00

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